Rangefinder Waterproof for Hunting and Golf up to 1200m


Ranging Method Semiconductor laser ranging
(safe for human eyes)
Product Size 96mmX65mmX34mm
Color Shell Color:Black
Leather Color: Grey, black
Laser Wavelength 905 nm
Ranging Scope 3-1200m
Ranging Error ±0.5m
Ranging Resolution 0.1m
Angle Ranging Scope 0-90°
Angle Ranging Accuracy 0.3°
Angle Display Resolution 0.1°
Ranging Display Mode Transmissive LCD display
in the field of view
Telescope Magnification 6X
Telescope Object Diameter 24mm
Eyepiece Diameter 15.5mm
Lens Quality Multilayer coated
Working Temperature -20~50℃
Operating Humidity ≤80%
Exit Pupil Diameter 4.0 mm
Exit Pupil Distance 12mm
Focusing Mode Manual focusing eyepiece
Measurement Mode Manual mode, height measurement, angle measurement, scanning measurement
Protection Class IP54
Comes with soft carry case with belt loop
Power Supply CR-2(3V) Not Included
3 Year Warranty

Weight 0.197 kg


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